Circle of the Grove



We are an aspiring grove exploring a DruidCraft through traditions driven by Celtic deity. You can find our specific Community as it blooms in Northern Italy, Cornwall England, Provence France and Chicago Illinois.


We consider Circle of the Grove a "Mysteries" Tradition; and like many magickal traditions:

We honor deity

Typically non-symbolic entities tap us for a season or specific purpose. Presently we are working with the witch Ceridwen from Wales and the horned god from Northern Italy. We welcome them to our hearts, bodies and minds moving towards a mutual accord.  


We Follow Lunar and Seasonal Cycles

We practice rituals and cast spells:

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Initation into The Ways:

If you are enacting the ceremony at home, place a bowl of water and a candle in the centre of your room – these represent fire and water. To create an evocative atmosphere you might want to have other candles lit as well as incense burning. As you enact the ceremony, remember it is the spirit in which you carry out a ritual that is important, not the detail. Give yourself plenty of time to open yourself to the blessings the ceremony is designed to evoke. Pause often and allow yourself to feel what is happening to you in your body and soul.


When all is prepared and you are ready, stand beside the fire or candle, facing the moon, whether you can see her or not, and say:


O Goddess Minerva, Keeper of the Sacred Flame, Guardian

of the Holy Well. Mother of Song and of Poetry, of the

Wise and the Gifted, I ask for your blessings on this my

ceremony. I ask for your blessings on this seeker of the

ways of magi. May I be blessed by the power of the earth beneath me,
the sea around me, and

the sky above me!


Stand with your legs spread apart a little now, and stretch out your arms to either side, forming a pentagram shape with your body, and say:


O Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of the night sky, of

brilliance and of darkness, please bless this seeker of the ways!


Now walk sunwise three times around the bonfire or candle saying three times, with each circling (sunwise is clockwise in the northern hemisphere, and anticlockwise in the southern hemisphere):


O Goddess of the Flame, Goddess of the Holy Fire that

burns within my heart and soul and body, bless this seeker of the ways



Now sit, crouch or lie upon the ground and sense your life – and all of your lives – leading to this point. Then, if it feels right to continue, make your commitment to this path by making the following petition and dedication. Or better still, make these statements in your own heartfelt words. In the first paragraph you are speaking to yourself, in the second you are calling to the God and Goddess.


Oh that I could see to the Other Realm – that I could

learn the magic of the Ancients. Oh that the secrets of

the Wise Ones could be whispered in my ears that I

might know their beauty and their power – that I might

love again this land and hear the voices of the Goddess

and the God in the trees and in the rivers.

Oh Minerva, Keeper of the Flame and Well. Silvanus, Wild and Free - Bringer of the Wind

and Sea, of Star and Stone,
O our God and Goddess of all life,

I ask that I might know the ways of Druidcraft,
to sow the seeds of love and beauty in the world and in my life.
I will use the knowledge that I gain, the magic that I learn, to

help and heal, to grow and change. I will nurture the child,

tend the plants and animals around me, foster strength

and courage in the hearts of all.


Now feel your whole life and all your future lives spreading out before you, and feel a sense of freedom and joy in the infinite possibilities and adventure that this awareness brings. Then walk to the seashore or place your hands around the water bowl and say:


Newborn into the ways of DruidCraft

I ask for Nine Waves of blessings!

A wave of blessing for my body - may it feel powerful and free!

A wave of blessing for my voice - may it be strong and clear!

A wave of blessing for my speech - may I be heard and understood!

A wave of blessing for my livelihood - may I find joy in my work!

A wave of blessing for my generosity - may it flow from my heart and hands!

A wave of blessing for my desires - may they be fulfilled for the greater good of all!

A wave of blessing for my wealth - may my life be abundant!

A wave of blessing for my health - may it be strong and vital!

A wave of blessing for my life - may it bring joy and blessings to others!


Now call out:

Nine waves of grace and of blessing be upon me, waves of
the Giver of Health, Joy and Life!
Give thanks to Silvanus and Minerva for the blessings of this ceremony.

[If you are indoors, you might want to meditate, listen to music or enter sleep to allow the blessings to flow through you unimpeded by everyday thoughts.]


Except for invoking Silvanus and Minerva, the rites are from Carr-Gomm, Philip. Druidcraft: The Magic of Wicca and Druidry (pp. 33-35). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.

We believe Math is completely MAGICKAL

Forestiere designed our excel sheet to assist you in crafting your magickal name.

To begin - add the numbers of your birthday together. For example, mine is Aug. 24, 1952. 8+2+4+1+9+5+2 = 31  3+1=4

I start with the product 4 and use the spread sheet that adds the numeric values of the numbers together. I found adding the letters together I could get the name Rune.

Rune = 4.


You can do it yourself by using the following chart:

1   2    3   4    5    6   7   8    9

A  B   C   D   E   F   G  H   I

J   K   L   M  N  O   P  Q   R

S  T   U   V   W  X  Y